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Google Ads Management
  • Google Ads will allow the fulfillment of multiple business goals, supporting different stages of the sales funnel from strangers to customers.
  • Google Ads being easily measurable and traceable allows businesses to optimally utilize their marketing budgets using Google Ads conversion tracking.
  • Businesses, struggling to be re-found online, can gain a quick entry, casting a wide net for new prospects and gain better visibility by using effective bidding on keywords.
  • While there is limited control over other marketing platforms, Google Ads allow complete control from setting a budget, keywords to bid for, bid timing – every aspect of the campaign which can be altered at any time.
  • Google Ads offer exceptional targeting not just based on demographic data but even psychographic data on user behavior. Remarketing to website visitors is a highly efficient manner of connecting with the website visitors, moving them to the next stage of their buyer’s journey.
  • The huge marketing data that Google Ads generate benefits businesses to plan for the future SEO strategy and content marketing.

According to Google, businesses can earn a revenue of $2 on average for every $1 spent on Google Adwords and Wordstream reports 65% of all clicks by users with a buying intent click on paid ads.

However, a successful Google Ads strategy does not end with just setting up the Ads. It is rather the continuous analysis and optimization that makes them killer.

For one of our clients, Bermingham Cameras, we have been managing their Google Ads account and it has always brought in good results due to the high Quality Score & Ad relevance. However, Our Guys & Gals being the marketing disruptors wanted to take on a growth hacking mindset and work on a competitor campaign. “The core principle behind growth hacking is to quickly and cheaply test a marketing idea, use data to analyse the outcomes, and to iterate, optimize, implement or change the experiment”.

We launched a Competitor campaign bidding on the client’s competitor’s branded search terms. We started getting good conversions. By effectively managing the campaign, the Cost Per Click was reduced to only €0.20 from €0.56 and Cost Per Acquisition to €5.45 from €35.84 which was 85% less than the previous month.

Even the vanity metrics of Impressions rose by 80% and Clicks by a massive 173%.

The Account got a total of 111 conversions in the month of July.

Google Ads for SME
  • Extensive keyword research & keyword grouping
  • Regular check on keyword bids to ensure a single keyword doesn’t take away the whole budget.
  • Constant monitoring of the search queries to add negative keywords for search terms that are irrelevant.
  • A/B testing on Ad copies
  • Adding attractive offers to the Ad copies aligning with the website.
Google Ads Management

A competitor campaign is often thought of having a very low Quality score but this campaign has a whooping score of 6.1 as against 4.4 in June. 

There’s no doubt that Google Ads can bring amazing results but it can also cost you a fortune without any result if not optimized effectively. Creating the Google Ads account & making the Ad copies is the easiest step, the success lies in the analysis, monitoring and optimization that is a continuous process instead of a linear path!

If you are struggling with your Google Ads, you can have a chat with our Guys & Gals to review your account. There is no obligation to hire us post the consultation.

We, Lambourn Digital, want the Irish SMEs to succeed in the Digital sphere.

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