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Is it possible to rank above Google for your own business? 😵
Well, our Guys & Gals seem to enjoy doing what seems to be impossible. 🙈

Google Ads can be extremely effective at generating leads, but only if they are managed properly! It is through the effective Google Ads management that this result was possible.

You may think that setting up the Google Ads seems quite straight-forward then why do you need a Professional to manage your Google Ads account?

Here’s why!

Keep in mind Google earns from every click on your Ads, so Google will always push towards getting more clicks. But not all clicks are good clicks!

The recommendations provided by Google are effective but not all are!
For instance, creating Smart campaigns and changing all your keywords to Broad match isn’t always ideal as it can broaden your targeting and makes it scattered; resulting in higher clicks but irrelevant ones.

It’s true that in just a few clicks Google has made it possible to set up the ad campaigns but how does your ad show up on the top position of Page 1? Setting up the ads is just the starting point of your Google Ads journey. To have a healthy ROI from Google Ads, it is extremely important to optimize the campaigns which require significant time commitment.

When you hire an agency to manage your Google Ads campaigns, you can focus your energy on running and growing your business. While an expert is optimizing and running your campaigns on Google, you get to watch your business grow!

Google is constantly evolving all their platforms including Google ads. From keyword matching behaviour to automation of Display campaigns, data added to search terms report, expiry of expanded text ads, inclusion of about this ad pages, things to do travel ads, shopping holiday updates and improved attribution modelling for YouTube & Display are just some of the key changes Google made to the Ads platform in the last few months.

To keep up with all these updates is essential for your ads to perform well & optimally utilize the budget which is tackled best with expert knowledge of someone who is keeping themselves posted with these changes!

Bottomline, an expert can improve your Google Ads performance 2-3X or, in some cases, 10x the overall performance of your digital ads. Experts are always on a test run with your ads; they will split test your ad copies, landing pages, and ad creatives. As a result, you will end up using your ads budget efficiently at least 2-3 times.

Lambourn Digital is a Google Ads Certified Partner and we have Google Ads specialists who will help you to get your company to the top of Google, ensuring you get the maximum ROI from your Ad budget spent.

Feel free to Get in touch if you have any queries, our Guys & Gals are happy to answer them for you (no obligation)!

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