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Developing high quality and engaging content consistently is essential to any business as it can not only develop the brand’s presence, drive sales but impact the customer’s decision making more than any other marketing techniques. 

But, creating such good quality content takes time and thinking of new content topics to remain consistent in sharing content is challenging. In our monthly client meeting calls, we often face the classic question when we ask the client: “Any new topics you want to promote on your social media?”.

As a Digital marketing agency we want to help SMEs build their presence online but it is not a way street. We do seek support from our clients to know what exactly they want to promote. But, often our clients are busy with their business and may not find the time to provide us with a new topic they want to share with their audience.

This is when our Guys & Gals wear their creative hats and come up with strategies to repurpose existing content. It could be anything from an old project throwback to an old webinar or blog post reshared. What is critical is to ensure that the content is still relevant!

“You don’t have to create content day in and day out. You just have to work on getting the content you already have in the hands of more people,” Derek Halpern states.

We recently repurposed content for one of our clients, Assist Electrical – Registered Electrical Contractors in Ireland. Our team decided to do a throwback project post on Linkedin on the client’s first international project. 

It was 2019 when the client commenced their first Data Centre project outside Ireland. We created graphics and put together some text for a LinkedIn post with a link to the client’s Data Centre Services page. The client wanted to take it down as he thought it was an old project and no one would be interested to read about it.

The post did not only get 13,840 impressions (still counting) but a 5.72% Click through rate and 7.51% engagement rate. The page only has 243 followers. Most importantly, these are organic results, meaning the client did not have to pay anything to LinkedIn to gain this visibility & engagement.

If you are worried about any penalties that you might get because it is old content or duplicate content, then fact check: There’s no such thing as a duplicate content penalty. Google can penalize your website only if you are copying your blog content in an excessive amount or copying content from other websites.

We know Google loves Fresh Content but fresh content does not necessarily mean New content always. Repurposing content can help you keep your content calendar busy by simply adding to or heavily revising the content you already have to add more value. You can gain more reach, authority and reinforce your message using evergreen content.

At Lambourn Digital, we understand that our clients are tied up with many more things than thinking about content for promotion! We devise unique content marketing strategies that suit the clients needs and fulfills their business goals. Our Guys & Gals ensure that your social media posts are not just about wishing your audience on every occasion but are engaging and diverse. 

Give a shout to us if you would like to discuss more.

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