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Do you have 1000’s of products that you want to sell online?
If your answer is yes, then this article is for you as we introduce our new product ‘SELLIFY’.

So, let’s start by understanding what Sellify is.

Sellify is a one stop E-Commerce Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to create your E-Commerce website & sell your products online very easily. We know there are several
E-Commerce website builders available. But, Sellfiy is different as it provides a 360 degree solution to managing your e-commerce website.


Sellify is specifically designed for Irish businesses to manage their e-commerce store without any coding or website development knowledge. The most important section in an E-commerce website are the products as you sell the products through the website. A major challenge that most companies face is to gather the product information from the suppliers. It is time consuming to add each product separately through the website backend. Products are also required to be divided in categories & subcategories.

At Lambourn Digital, we provide website development as a service and often the website launch is delayed due to missing content. We have faced this first hand, hence Sellify provides a powerful solution to this painpoint. Sellify not only provides an E-Commerce website but we gather & add product information to your website! Whether your products include data sheets or videos, we will add everything for you to manage easily. Our editor is based on Microsoft Word making it extremely easy to edit any website content. This saves you a huge number of hours in collecting the product details and then updating it.

Now, you must be thinking that for Lambourn Digital to add the product information is also time consuming. Believe it, we complete a website with complete product details in approximately 14 days and that includes adding all product information. In the next section, we discuss how we do it!

On Sellify, once the website is ready to upload products. We gather the supplier names from you. We already have the product details from various suppliers in CSV format. As you choose your suppliers, we customize the CSV to include your selected suppliers. This CSV is nothing but a simple Excel document that includes all the product information. Starting from which category, sub category a product belongs to its pricing & additional information is available in the Excel document. With a click of one button ‘IMPORT’ your website is populated with products & you are ready to sell online in minutes! Products are uploaded in the Sellify backend in different categories, sub categories which you can even manage later on without the need to touch any website codes. Let’s take a look at the Sellify backend and how it looks.

Here’s how the Sellify backend dashboard looks like. From the right panel of the dashboard, you can manage any section of the website without touching the code at all. Anything that you see on the website frontend is editable from the backend in a codeless manner.

  1. Step 1: Select the template. We have front end designs built for you, you just need to select the design you prefer.
  2. Step 2: Choose your Suppliers
  3. Step 3: Website is ready not only the structure and backend but fully populated with your products
selling products online easily

Lets’s explore what’s present in each of the sections from the Sellify dashboard and what it offers in detail.

The website header or banner images that are present on your website is editable from this section. Sellify is built in a way that allows you to create, delete or modify banner text, image & call to action separately without any coding involvement. Below is an example of the Banner Image, Banner Text & Banner Call to Action button and link which can be all edited separately in the backend. So, you don’t need a Graphic designer every time to change the banners on your website. With Sellify, you can just create each element separately and they will come together as the banner or header image.

sellify e commerce cms

Under Manage Pages all the informative pages of your website are listed that can be edited. For example, Home Page, About Page, Login Or Registration page. Once you select the page, you can edit any text or image present on the page by just simple drag & drops. The technical knowledge required for editing page content is similar to Microsoft Word document! All sections of the page are separately present in the backend, simply edit & save the updated page.

Under this section you can manage individual products, product categories, product sub categories, product suppliers or brands. You can import bulk products, categories, sub categories. You can also export all the product information in Excel from the website backend in just one click of ‘EXPORT’. You can activate/deactivate, add, edit, delete any product, category or sub category. You can even make any product or category featured to highlight it on the home page without touching any website code. All the functionality is developed in a way that each and every section can be managed on its own. Our editor is designed like a Microsoft Word document which you can easily use. If your product includes data sheets or videos they can be managed from this section too. Under each individual product, Manage Docs & Manage Video options are also present. Another important feature present under this section is to complete any action in Bulk, maybe to make products active, inactive, featured, not featured and delete. The On Page Optimization SEO of each product can be done from here by simply selecting the product and clicking on edit.

As the name suggests, this section is to add new blog posts to your website or edit the existing ones.

Reviews help develop your brand’s credibility and trust. Sellify doesn’t miss this key feature of managing reviews of your website. As you receive a client/customer testimonial you can add it under this section. You can even edit existing reviews from here.

You might have some discounts from time to time to promote your products. Keeping this in mind, the Discount section allows you to create new discounts based on either a fixed amount or percentage, max usage limit and expiry date. You can edit or delete any existing discounts from this section.

This section allows you to manage your orders as customers start purchasing from your website online. You can export all orders into an Excel document. The export feature can be particularly helpful when you are building email campaigns to retarget or re-engage with customers. The email addresses of the customers can be imported into common Email campaign platforms like HubSpot or Mailchimp. You can view the order details and change the order status from this section as well.

Under this section, all the users who have registered on your website can be managed. Details of a user can be viewed here. Users can also be deactivated if they violate the Website policies from this section. In today’s world of data privacy concerns, this section prohibits any spamming. Customer data can also be exported in an Excel document which can be utilized in Email marketing campaigns

Your shipping charges can be set under this section and modified at any time.

When you want to start promoting your products online and want to add Google Analytics or any other tracking code in the Header section, this can be done without any additional widget, plugin or code edits. You can simply add the tracking codes provided by your marketing team under the settings Header section. You can manage your Footer content and logo from this section too!

sell products online

The mission behind Sellify is to ‘Make Selling Easy’ for you. We work on different clients’ e-commerce websites and we know the challenges we face on a daily basis. Sellify is created with the goal to make your e-commerce website management effective and codeless. You do not need to touch a single line of code to add, edit, delete products, categories and sub-categories. You also need not worry about populating products on your website. All you have to do is let us know the design you like and Supplier names. We will build your E-Commerce site and add all the product details in bulk to your site. So, start selling your products online now with Sellify!

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