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Getting found on google

How did we do it? Here are the 3 steps that we undertook to get organically on Position 1 of Google for the keyword ‘Pest Control Dublin’.

  1. An extensive Competitive Research – This included identifying the competitors, keywords used by the competitors and analyzing their domain authority.
  2. Finding the Gap: Once the competitors and keywords were analysed, the next step was to find the gap from the competitors’ end where we can fill in.
  3. Optimizing the website & content: The final step was to optimize the Meta title, Meta Description, Meta keywords, Image Alt Tags, Heading Tags, content – basically the entire On Page optimization to fill in the gap.

And, boom! We are on Page 1 of Google! 🥳🎉

Ranking 1 on google

However, prior to the above 3 steps, we ensured that the technical issues on the website have been worked on as part of the Technical SEO including securing the website with HTTPS, all internal & external links working, fast website loading speedmobile friendly website and all urls in a SEO friendly structure.

Additionally, we continue to produce fresh content to the website targeting keywords and generate quality backlinks from high domain authority & relevant sites to ensure we hold on to our spot.

We follow the Three pillars of SEO as our foundation to the SEO strategy which works hand-in-hand with the other Digital Marketing strategies we work on, binding everything together into one big Smarketing Funnel aligning the Sales & Marketing teams! Check out this article on the three pillars of SEO to rank to get found on Google organically because unlike the whispers, Organic SEO is still the most valuable source of traffic.

LD Blog Graphic for Moumita (1)-1

There’s no doubt that Google Ads can bring amazing results but it can also cost you a fortune without any result if not optimized effectively. Creating the Google Ads account & making the Ad copies is the easiest step, the success lies in the analysis, monitoring and optimization that is a continuous process instead of a linear path!

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