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To understand how to increase conversion rates by improving UX, let’s first understand what UX & conversion rates are.

The goal of good UX design in a digital product is to provide the customers with an efficient, easy to use and secure UI that enables users to seamlessly perform the intended task. If your website has good UX, your website visitors should be able to do what they actually want to, easily & quickly while interacting with your website. Thus, good UX increases the user engagement & allows users to smoothly interact with your website. For example, if you are running an E-Commerce website, the intended action of most visitors will be to purchase products. The UX should enable the users to easily browse products, add products to their cart and checkout.

A good conversion rate entails exploring the ways to move website visitors from prospects to leads & finally customers, allowing the users to complete their desired action. In case of any website, there are Call To Action (CTA) buttons through which visitors interact with the site. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) intends to increase the interaction rate of these CTAs.

There are several methods of improving a website’s conversion rate. With one of our clients, we used user experience optimization to improve the ultimate website conversion – SALES!!

Lets see what the website looked like when the client came onboard with Lambourn Digital.

  • In the above screenshot, can you identify clear CTAs?
  • Do you understand that it is an E-Commerce site?
  • Is the conversion path & action & clear?

Now, let’s see what our Guys & Gals did to improve the User Experience with the goal of Conversion Rate Optimization.

  • Can you now identify the CTA’s clearly?
  • Is the website able to convey that it is an E-Commerce website?
  • Does the website provide an easy to navigate conversion path?

✔️ First, Research!!
Like any other User experience design, we did extensive research on the buyer persona and understood the needs of the people who use the website.

✔️ Second, Analyze!!
In the next step, our Guys & Gals wore their analytical hats, unveiled what users are seeking from the website and built the story of the users’ expectations..

✔️ Third, Design!!
Next, it was Action time. Keeping in mind the story told by data, our Guys & Gals started making changes to the website which included the following User Experience updates:

  • Adding a search bar at the top of the website to make it easy for users to find products as the website hosts 2600+ Products.
  • Making it clear that it is an E-Commerce website by adding Add to Cart CTA, Shop CTA. We even provided a CTA to get in touch with the company if any visitor would want to contact the company directly.
  • The navigation was rearranged to highlight the important product categories. So, instead of just having a long list of products, we added Propshafts, Turbochargers & Power Steering categories on the navigation which were the client’s 3 main categories. Here, we aligned the business goals with the buyer’s journey.
  • We added sliders to showcase featured categories & products but also added a View All button for users to be able to view all categories/products as desired.
  • We even ensured the user’s data safety by adding a secure login option prior to purchase & My account features to manage their accounts.
  • To establish the brand authority, we included the high end brands that the client stocks.
  • We improved the content readability by making headlines clear to the visitors, what the website is all about.

On one side we were working on the UX improvements, on the other side, our Guys & Gals worked on SEO, Google Ads, content & social media to get the word out about the brand and improve the website visibility on SERP.

We kept testing the website and based on the data gathered using the best marketing analytics tools. We went beyond just Google Analytics and analyzed Individual Buyer Journeys as well as Aggregate Buyer Journeys.

Last & Most important, we keep repeating the process to investigate more UX improvements that can improve the conversion rates even today.

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